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Expert in water treatment systems
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Protect the environment and benefit mankind

Dongguan Topsno Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongquan Topsno Environmental technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in water treatment system development, design, manufacture, installation and technical services of high-tech enterprises Companies adhering to the people-oriented, scientific and techno- logical innovation, advocatinc credibility, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy to the Chinese Academy of Environmenta Sciences for technical support, with machinery, chemicals, water, technology, electrical appliances automation and other aspects of high and intermediate engineers more than twenty People, and has a team of experienced technicians from the installation team. over the vears, the company has completec nearly 500 water treatment projects. And won the "customer satisfaction with quality products," "quality, service, integrity demonstration enterprises," the honorary title.

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ServiceService sector

  • Power plant

    Power plant

    Application: 1.Recycled water treatment; 2.Boiler water treatment; 3.Demineralized water; 4.desalination.

  • Chemical industry

    Chemical industry

    Application: 1.Cosmetics production; 2.Laboratory purification; 3.Printing and dyeing industry; 4.Electroplating.

  • Agriculture & Daily life

    Agriculture & Daily life

    Application: 1.Irrigating for plants; 2.Fertilizer, pesticide manufacturing; 3.Directly drinking water; 4.Daily washing pure water.

  • Food & Beverage industry

    Food & Beverage industry

    Application: 1.Beverage, wine, beer manufacturing industries; 2.Mineral water, pure water, distilled water; 3.Food industry; 4.Bottle/barrel drinking water.

  • Electronic industry

    Electronic industry

    Application: 1.Batteries production; 2.Printed circuit, integrated circuit production; 3.Semi-conductors, electron devices, optical fiber manufacturing industries; 4.Micro-electronics, silicon production.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Application: 1.Pharmacy, injection, sterile water; 2.Pharmaceutical, health care products, etc; 3.Hemodialysis; 4.Cleaning for medical supplies.